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As spring approaches, your air conditioner

becomes target for copper thieves

St.Louis, MO, February 5, 2014--As the nation anxiously awaits the approach of Spring, it should be aware that their Air Conditioners may be the target of thieves that can strip the usually unprotected and easily accessible device of its valuable copper in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. 

The warning comes from Stan Johnson, inventor of Spider Anti-theft Air Conditioning Bars for whom nature offered a solution to such thievery.Johnson, who is also a Realtor from St. Louis became aware of the problem first-hand and up-close as he purchased homes for rehabbing and sale or rentals.

“The thefts, which were spurred by the declining economy of a few years ago, have not only continued even with things improving, but have actually accelerated as thieves recognize that residential Air Conditioners are targets because they are outside the residence, contain valuable and easily stripped copper materials, and too often lack adequate protection, “ Johnson explains.. 

In one of the houses that Johnson had purchased, he came across a solution—it was a Spider Web.

“I looked at the web the spider was weaving, and noted that even though it was apparently frail, I discovered in research that because of its density it was actually five times stronger that steel,” he explains.

That led him to consider a design that would utilize the same concept of simplicity of the spider web. The result is a patent-applied-for design that is easier to install and offers greater protection than competitive designs, Johnson says.

“The key is that the design, although it has only four bars, actually ‘wraps around and even over the top of the air conditioner,” Johnson explains. 

“Additionally, the Bars may be embedded into the slab on which the air conditioner sets.”

This denies access to the air conditioner by removing the top of the unit, the quickest way to gain access to the copper in the unit, while the placement of the interlocking bars provides additional strength to deter thieves from entering the unit from the side panels.

By bolting the unit into the slab, the consumer has what Johnson describes as ‘the highest degree of protection from theft, damage or vandalism.’

Johnson notes that the Spider Anti-Theft Air Conditioning Bars are made in the U.S., guaranteeing the highest craftsmanship. “Also, we have made the price highly competitive to ensure the greatest value with the maximum security, making it protection that home owners can’t afford to be without.”